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Schroders Personal Wealth is a joint venture between Lloyds Banking Group and Schroders.

Many people feel “the wealthy” are a separate group they don’t belong to. However, a wealthy life shouldn’t be measured by its super-yachts and sprawling properties. Instead, we believe wealth is personal. Wealth means different things to each individual. It could be about how you educate your children, or when and where you choose to retire. Let's see if we can help.

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What is wealth management?

Wealth management is an advisory service that starts with a consultation to understand your personal financial goals. These goals are used to build a plan which is designed to manage your entire financial life, this could include:

  • Investing for your financial future

  • Protecting yourself and your family

  • Planning for retirement

  • Managing your retirement income

  • Passing on your wealth

Why use a wealth management service?

In an ever-changing complex world, and as your personal situation changes, managing your finances and making investment decisions designed to meet the ambitions you have in life becomes a full-time job. Our financial advisers and investment analysts possess expert knowledge, and they will review your position regularly.

Fees and charges apply.

Help you and your family plan for the future

An adviser who knows you and your family well is in the best position to build a roadmap to your ideal future. They can assess how well your life insurance and other policies are protecting your family, and help you plan for the family’s likely long-term needs. Our aim is to give you peace of mind, by helping your money provide the income and security you need, both now and well into the future.

Help meet your goals through investments

We can help you achieve your investment goals by setting a balanced and diversified approach that aims to withstand the turbulence of the markets. The key is to make sure you take the level of risk appropriate to you whilst trying to maximise growth or income. Our investment team will manage your portfolio on a day-to-day basis with the aim of taking advantage of potential opportunities whilst trying to minimise the impact from potential threats.

The value of investments and the income from them may fall as well as rise and investors may not receive back the full amount originally invested.

In uncertain times with falling stock markets and the prospect of a recession looming [1], investing can feel daunting. Watch our video below to find out about our approach during periods of economic instability.

Help you make the right decisions

How should you respond to world events and market turbulence? Having a team of investment professionals managing your money for you can help take these worries off your shoulders. Money is a very emotive subject for most people. It’s vital not to allow emotions to influence your financial decisions. Our advisers could help you act logically and keep your end-goals in mind.

Keep you on track to meet your investment goals

As we aim to keep you investments on track, in order to meet your goals, it’s important they don't stray too far from your agreed investment strategy. So, our investment team monitors your investments, rebalancing them when necessary to keep them aligned to your long-term goals. And, because we’re taking care of this, it means you can relax and feel more confident about your decision-making.


Before you commit to anything we will ensure you understand the basis of our advice and the level of costs that will apply. See our pricing structure and calculator here.


[1] Looming recession -

How we work with you

1. Let’s get to know each other

At your first meeting, your adviser will certainly ask about your finances and your goals, but they’ll also want to spend time getting to know you.

2. Now we’ll agree your financial plan

Your adviser will create a plan that aims to realise your financial ambitions. They’ll explain it all – including the costs and charges – so you know exactly what we’re proposing to do.

3. Finally, we can review your progress regularly

Times change. Markets adjust. Your situation and needs can change. With our ongoing advice service, your adviser can review your position regularly to help safeguard your long-term goals.

What to expect from your adviser

Proactive help

Instead of only addressing your immediate priorities, your adviser could suggest other potential issues that you might have overlooked.

Engaging the experts

If your plan calls for specialist knowledge, your adviser will engage the right experts to ensure you are fully supported.

Support when you need it

You and your adviser should review your financial plan regularly and adapt it over time as your needs and priorities change, and your adviser can act as a trusted guide.

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