Financial protection has never been so important

Our experts could help you navigate your options with the aim of ensuring you get the right protection for your individual needs and ultimate peace of mind.

Unlike some of our peers, our advisers are salaried and do not work on a commission-based model, so there is no pressure for them to sell anything that isn’t right for you.

28% of Brits own personal protection insurance, but COVID-19 may persuade more*

50% with protection insurance say they chose to take it out for peace of mind*

46% say that affordability is a priority when choosing protection insurance*

37% say that buying your first home is a good reason to take out protection insurance*

Financial protection from the unexpected

The Coronavirus pandemic has taught us many lessons and we believe it’s highlighted the importance of protecting you and the ones you love.

That’s why at Schroders Personal Wealth we’re committed to helping you get protected, where appropriate, with support from our partners at Scottish Widows and Legal & General, as part of a personalised financial plan based on your individual needs.

*Source: Schroders Personal Wealth Opinium Report, February 2021

We use trusted partners to protect you and your loved ones

We believe having the right protection in place can be the cornerstone of a holistic financial plan, yet is a need that is often overlooked. Thanks to our existing relationships with Scottish Widows and Legal & General we could help provide financial protection for you and your family.

Investing our time in you

It’s important to us that we invest our time to help address the protection gap that exists in the UK today.

Our advisers are salaried and do not work on a commission-based model, so there is no pressure for them to sell anything that isn’t right for you.

This means that we will only recommend protection products to you if we believe it is the best way to meet your individual needs.  

Some of the ways you can provide financial protection for your family

Life insurance

A life insurance policy could pay out if you die, leaving your loved ones money to support them financially, with different types of life insurance policies available based on your needs.

Critical illness cover

Critical illness policies are designed to pay out a lump sum on the diagnosis of a specified illness. This could be used for medical treatment, changes to your home or anything else you may need.

Income Protection

Income protection is designed to pay out a monthly income to replace a proportion of your earnings should you become too ill or injured to work.

Do you want to take control of how you pass on your wealth?

Family conversations around managing wealth in later life and passing it on to the next generation have never been so important. Estate planning could help you to pass on your wealth smoothly and efficiently, avoid family disputes, and manage the tax bill.

Estate planning

Understanding more about financial protection: Wealth lens

Are your protection policies up to scratch?

Everyone with family responsibilities or financial commitments should consider how they or their loved ones would cope financially should something happen to them.

What if something happened to me tomorrow?

Protection policies can be an important part of a financial plan. Here are five steps to follow that could help provide much needed comfort for your loved ones when you're gone.

Frequently asked questions about financial protection

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