Worried that inflation could impact your life in retirement?

We believe a financial plan could help reduce the impact of inflation on your pension pot, and potentially provide more structure to your savings and investments.

Simply answer a few short questions to discover if, and when, you could take action to protect your finances against inflation with the help of our healthcheck tool.

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Do you know if inflation is impacting your finances?

Use our inflation healthcheck tool to find out.

Simply answer a few short questions to discover if, and when, you could take action to protect your finances against inflation.  

Worried you've retired too early?

With high-profile business leaders such as the boss of John Lewis suggesting that one million retirees should re-join the workforce, should you be revisiting the health of your finances to check you are still comfortable in retirement? Planning your financial future doesn’t stop when you retire – now could be a good time to talk to a financial adviser.

In our recent survey, a number of respondents said they were coming out of retirement to take a part-time job as a result of inflation.

Source: Schroders Personal Wealth 'Inflation Watch Report', August 2022.

How inflation erodes the value of your money

Our research found that almost two-thirds of UK consumers either don’t know or are not sure how much interest their savings account is paying. Furthermore, almost half the people surveyed were either unaware of the impact that inflation has on savings or it was something that they had never considered. This implies that many people may be at risk of seeing their money erode in value by leaving it in a savings account.

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Inflation special webinar: Is your retirement in jeopardy?

Kate Thornton hosts our inflation webinar alongside a panel of financial specialists and advisers from Schroders Personal Wealth, Lloyds Bank and Schroders. Our panel members discuss what is happening in the financial world right now in the hope that you can better understand what inflation could mean to you and your own plans for your financial future.

Do you understand the negative effect inflation has on your cash savings?

As consumers, most of us will be feeling the impact of rising prices on our day-to-day spending, especially the soaring price of energy. However, in a recent Schroders Personal Wealth survey, only half of respondents were aware of the impact of inflation on their cash savings – are you?

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