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Johnson resigns leaving UK economy facing an uncertain period

  • Azad Zangana and Stephen Mann
  • 07 July 2022
  • 5 mins reading time

Boris Johnson has resigned as UK Prime Minister, triggering a leadership contest for the Conservative Party and premiership that is unlikely to be settled before the autumn. This leaves a lengthy period of uncertainty over the direction of the country and economy.

Johnson’s government will always be remembered for Brexit and often leaned towards populist economic policies. These policies may have boosted short-term economic growth but also contributed to higher inflation and higher government borrowing.

The resignation of Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak on Tuesday 5 July highlighted the disagreement between the Treasury and the prime minister’s office. The suggestion was that voters were not being given the full picture when it came to the state of the economy and public finances.

Looking ahead, the outlook hinges on who Johnson’s replacement will be. A return to traditional Conservative politics will probably bring about some economic austerity in the next few years, but also a return to business friendly policies. However, another populist politician could lead to a continuation of Johnson’s economic approach.

In terms of the reaction in markets, initial news of the resignation helped lift sterling against most other currencies, though these moves have been relatively small.

Regarding the impact of this resignation on Schroders Personal Wealth (SPW) portfolios, we should note that these are invested globally with limited UK equity holdings. For example, only 14.1% of our Balanced Profile in May 2022 was in UK equities.

The political situation is evolving by the hour. We are monitoring developments and will keep you updated.

Azad Zangana is Senior European Economist and Strategist at Schroders. Stephen Mann is Head of Investment Specialists at Schroders Personal Wealth.

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