Making the most of Schroders Personal Wealth

We want you to get the most out of your relationship with us and feel supported throughout.

If you haven’t had a financial adviser before, the following ‘tips’ should help to get you started.

1. Let us know what you need

The more information you can share with us about your situation, the more tailored your advice journey can be. We don’t want your experience to be just about investments and wealth, but what goals you hope to achieve in your life, for yourself and your family. Sharing your personal circumstances helps us to focus on your specific needs.

2. Take some time to understand your whole financial situation

Before any meeting with your adviser, take some time to list everything to do with your current financial situation. Perhaps have a look at your current spending and savings and think about your future needs. Make sure you’re aware and up to date on your personal financial situation as much as you can be.

You don't need to share this in detail with anyone at SPW, but it will be useful preparation before important meetings with your adviser.

Many of our clients also find this an excellent ‘housekeeping’ exercise - an opportunity to reflect on your financial situation and check that all documentation, contact details and security protection on your accounts is safely stored – on and offline.

3. Look ahead

Day-to-day life can often be hectic. But allowing yourself time to look ahead and plan the future could be important. Consider what you want for your children and grandchildren. What adventures do you want to experience, and what could help you feel more financially in control? Understanding your own goals will help you take control of your financial plan.

4. Involve the people who are important to you

Where your financial plan affects other people, it can be useful to involve them in discussions with you and your adviser. The final decisions remain yours to make, but talking through your plans together, supported by your adviser if appropriate, can help those close to you understand and support your goals.

5. Enjoy the journey….and help us do better

Managing and planning finances can feel complicated, hard work or perhaps just plain boring. At SPW, our goal is to make sure you are supported every step of the way, make things clear and simple, and do as much of the ‘heavy lifting’ as possible. We are here to inspire you with new ideas, to reassure you in challenging times, and to clarify anything that appears confusing.

Your ideas, suggestions and feedback on your experience with SPW are always welcome and if you have further thoughts, please email us at to help us to improve.

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The following section provides you with answers to the 10 most frequently asked questions from clients new to SPW, and guides you to resources that offer further information.

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