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Protecting you and your family

Many families would find it challenging to cope if a loved one became seriously ill or died. Not only would it be physically and emotionally devastating, but equally the financial implications could be distressing for those left behind.

Fortunately, there are financial protection products that can help alleviate stresses and worries that are inevitable during difficult times.

The protection range that we offer at Schroders Personal Wealth is designed to provide a choice of benefits depending on your needs. We’ll help you to make sense of different types of protection products with the aim of limiting the financial impact for you and your loved ones at a time when you need it the most.

Products we can advise on:

  • Life and term assurance

  • Critical illness cover

  • Income protection

These protection policies have no cash-in value at any time. If you don't pay your premiums on time your cover will stop, your benefits will end, and you'll get nothing back. If the benefit amount has not been paid out by the end of the selected term, the policy will end and you'll get nothing back.

Creating your personal financial plan

With a personalised financial plan, and regular check-ins to make sure you’re on course, our advisers aim to support you to make the most of your money.

How we'll work together

Helping people to experience the benefits of financial wellbeing is important to us

Getting the basics right

Financial wellbeing is something everyone can aim to achieve. Whether you engage with your finances on your own or seek support from a professional, we believe that the underlying process is the same.

Understanding what’s important to you and your current situation is the cornerstone for creating a financial plan. It centres on you spending and giving money in alignment with your values and what makes you happy. Money can help with this but it isn’t everything.


of UK adults say that they're more likely to create a financial plan as a result of the pandemic

Source: Schroders Personal Wealth’s Money and Mind Report, 2022

Your financial wellbeing is our priority

Achieving financial wellbeing can be easier than it sounds. Simply understanding your financial position is powerful. Knowing what you can potentially achieve with your money could give you the confidence to pursue and realise your financial goals, both in the short and long term.

We’re passionate about ensuring individuals and their families are engaged with their finances and having regular, open and informed conversations about their personal circumstances.

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