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People in the UK don’t often talk about money. Despite the COVID-19 crisis affecting many people’s finances, 9 in 10 UK adults – that’s 47 million of us – don’t find it easy to talk about money, or to even discuss it at all.

Our webinars are designed to increase your sense of financial wellbeing whilst offering an opportunity for us all to have more open conversations about money.

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Helping to start conversations about your financial future

We believe, on the road to recovery from the pandemic, financial wellbeing, alongside physical and mental wellbeing will be crucial. But there is still work to be done to break down the taboo of talking about money. That is why we've worked with the Money and Pensions Service (MaPS) to produce these five webinars to encourage the nation to come together to start conversations about our finances.

Everyday finances with MaPS

Our Financial Wellbeing Lead, Leigh Dunkley, is joined by James Kelly from the Money and Pensions Service to discuss:

  • Basic budgeting

  • Debt management

  • Getting on the housing ladder

Financial wellbeing and protecting your wealth

Our Financial Wellbeing Lead, Leigh Dunkley, is joined by Mark Shay, Business Development Manager, to discuss:

  • What is financial wellbeing and why is it important?

  • Our 6 practical tips to look after your financial wellbeing

  • An introduction to protection, the different types and why you should think about it

What is financial wellbeing?

One thing to make clear is financial wellbeing isn’t about having the most money. It’s about having enough money to enjoy the things in life that make you happy. It’s also about being in control, having financial freedom, and prioritising what’s important to you.

Create your own financial plan

At Schroders Personal Wealth, we believe in the power of a financial plan. Taking control of your finances could help you understand where you are now, decide where you want to be in the future, and plan how you aim to get there. This could be the first step to achieving financial wellbeing.

Saving and investing for your future

Our Business Development Manager, Rebecca Tregarthen, is joined by our Head of Investment Specialists, Steve Mann, and one of our Personal Wealth Advisers, Ian Jones, to discuss:

  • Demystifying the economy

  • Short, medium and long-term savings

  • Risk vs. reward

JISA: The perfect gift

Junior ISAs (JISA) are long-term, tax efficient savings accounts for children. They allow parents, grandparents, and wider friends and family, to put money aside for a child's future.

A guide to ISAs

An Individual Savings Account (ISA) differs from other savings accounts as they offer tax-free interest payments, allowing you to potentially make more of your money.

Planning and managing your retirement

Our Business Development Manager, Marcelo Rodrigues, and one of your Personal Wealth Advisers, Karim Chowdhury, to discuss:

  • An introduction to pensions

  • The importance of planning for retirement

  • The benefits of starting now

Confused about pensions? Discover more about your retirement options

Saving for your retirement

The great thing about a personal pension is the freedom of choice it can provide. Preparing for the future isn't just about saving for your retirement. It's about building up a pot of money that gives you flexibility and options later in life.

More about saving for your retirement

The tax benefits of a pension

Pension savings could be one of the most tax-efficient ways of affording that dream retirement. Not only are your contributions free of income tax, but while you remain invested, any growth within the portfolio is free from income and capital tax gains.

More about pension tax benefits

Bringing pension pots together

It’s essential we review our pension savings regularly. For most of us, our pension is our second-biggest asset after our homes and making the most of our pension savings could have a significant impact on our happiness in retirement.

More about pension consolidation

Passing on your wealth

Our Business Development Manager, Mark French, is joined by one of our Personal Wealth Advisers, Karim Chowdhury, to discuss:

  • What is inheritance tax?

  • The importance of having a will

  • Ways to potentially reduce your inheritance tax liability

Intergenerational wealth transfer

There is an intergenerational divide as wealth continues to skew towards older generations. Many grandparents could help younger generations now rather than wait until they die. But if you are thinking of helping your loved ones here are some things to consider.

Our Family and Finances report

In our inaugural Family and Finances report, we surveyed over 1,000 individuals over the age of 60 to get a clear picture of how people are planning to pass wealth down the generations. We hope this report will help more families start talking about the importance of money and savings, and how they can plan for their future.

The support we offer is designed to:

  • Improve understanding of what can be seen as complex topics

  • Give people the confidence to engage with their finances regularly

  • Help people to realise the power of a financial plan.

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We'll begin with a free, no obligation conversation to understand if our service is right for you. There are no hidden fees or charges, and you’ll only pay if you choose to go ahead with the recommendations in your personalised financial plan.