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We use five easy steps to help advisers establish long-term relationships based on trust. After that, the way we work together is entirely up to you: stay in touch regularly or only when you want further advice.


Getting to know you

The first meeting is key. It’s an opportunity for you to understand Schroders Personal Wealth better and for your adviser to get a deep understanding of your unique requirements. Your adviser will also explain from the outset the fees and charges for the services we offer. Good fact-finding means capturing not only information about your finances, but more importantly information about how you prioritise your needs and what you hope to achieve.


Reflecting on your situation

At your first meeting, your adviser will illustrate what can often be complex situations in a clear, visual format. You’ll also be able to play out different scenarios that can help you understand the options available to you.

By identifying any opportunities or shortfalls, you can work with your adviser to come to some initial conclusions, and visualise what your plan could look like.


Setting your goals

Following your meeting, your adviser will analyse your information and begin preparing product and service recommendations for you. They may need to contact you to ask more questions, and you may also have questions for them or have further details to add.

Your adviser will then put a plan together that clearly defines their recommendations, explaining how and why these meet your needs and objectives. They’ll also provide details of the specific products and solutions recommended, their benefits to you, together with any associated risks, and their fees and charges.

Step 4

When your plan is ready

Before presenting your plan, your adviser will ask whether any circumstances have changed, and recap everything you’ve discussed. If needed, they’ll be joined by other experts such as trust or investment specialists.

Having explained our fees and charges at the start of the process, your adviser will now explain the fees and charges for the products and services they have recommended.

They will then give you the paperwork you need to sign before we can start working together to put your plan into action. If you decide not to go ahead, we’ll confirm if you are due to pay for any of the work undertaken.


Putting your plan into action

Once everything has been set up you’ll receive confirmation of what has been put in place on your behalf, together with details about how your savings and investments have been invested. We believe that financial plans should adapt and change to reflect the changes in your life. If you take our ongoing advice service, regular meetings with your adviser will ensure you are up-to-date with the progress of your plan and they’re an opportunity for the two of you to review and revise your needs.

You’ll also be able to access up-to-date details of all your investment products, including performance and valuations, by logging onto our client portal.

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