How our fees work in practice

Our goal is to remain competitive for advice fees and charges, offering you the best value. See how this works for people like you in the following examples…

Case studies

David is planning a worry-free retirement

David is 65 years old, recently retired and needs income to supplement his company pension. He has recently been ill and needs help in planning his personal and financial affairs.

How is David supported by Schroders Personal Wealth?

David has been an Ongoing Advice client since 2020.

We are helping David to make sure his finances stay on track, providing cash flow planning to help David look to the future, and giving advice and support in drawing funds from his investments to supplement his pension.

He has £500,000 with us in a General Investment Account (GIA) and he’d like advice on adding £100,000 into a new investment Individual Savings Account (ISA).

David’s advice fees

  • Advice Review Fee: - £0

  • One-off Advice Fee: - £1,750 (1.75% of £100,000 for investment into a new product)

  • Ongoing Advice Fee*:- £3,900 p.a. (0.65% of £600,000)

In the future if David wants to make additional investments to his GIA or ISA the Advice Review Fee and the One-off Advice Fee would not apply as he has subscribed to the Ongoing Advice Service for more than 12 months.

*The Ongoing Advice Fee fluctuates depending on the investment value at the time the fee is calculated. It is payable monthly in arrears.

The value of investments and the income from them can fall as well as rise and are not guaranteed. The investor might not get back their initial investment. This information is based on our fees and charges as at 1st July 2024 and may change from time to time.

There may be additional or different fees depending on your chosen solutions. Your adviser will confirm all the applicable fees and charges prior to you proceeding with any solutions.