We want you to have clarity on how we charge for advice

Fees and charges in financial services can be confusing – we always want you to have full understanding of what you’re paying and, more importantly, the confidence of knowing we offer the best market value*.

Here you’ll be able to explore and understand…

  • The value of your ‘no fee no obligation’ Financial Plan based on a full understanding of your needs and goals.

  • The difference between our Ongoing Advice and One-off Advice Services – in terms of benefits and fees.

  • How we compare with other companies like us – in our approach to pricing and fees.

Why you're better off with SPW

Be up to £18,000 better off* with SPW's leading fees and charges.

As a client of SPW you could save up to £18,000 in fees on an investment of £200,000 over 10 years when compared to the most expensive firm. That means more money to invest for your future and less money spent on fees.

The graph below shows the potential fee difference on an investment of £200,000 over 10 years with an assumed growth rate of 5% per year. The graph and projections are based on fee information sourced from third parties. This information may change at a future date and should not be relied upon when making investment decisions.

SPW were best value amongst all 10 firms assessed. We show ourselves below against a selection of competitors.

Source: Schroders Personal Wealth, March 2024.

We rank first* against our peers on an example of £200,000 invested over a 10-year period

*Compared to 10 leading wealth management firms who have similar products and advice services to Schroders Personal Wealth. Figures include one off, initial, platform and investment costs and are rounded to the nearest thousand.

The value of investments and the income from them can fall as well as rise and are not guaranteed. The investor might not get back their initial investment.


Value – it’s a little word that means a lot – in short, it’s the balance between how much you get, and how much you pay.

At Schroders Personal Wealth, our clients are at the heart of everything we do and our key focus is on delivering the best value for them.

We want to improve the way financial advice is offered, by making it simple, accessible and affordable to more people. For us, it’s about more than just financial advice.

To view more information about the current benefits you receive at the moment see below

Ongoing Advice

Your access to regular expert advice and support – helping you get the most out of your finances – whatever life throws at you.

One-off Advice

A simple way to start your financial journey – bringing your initial financial plan to life and setting up your portfolio.

How our fees work in practice

Our goal is to remain competitive for advice fees and charges, offering you the best value. See how this works for people like you in the following examples…

Questions you may have

More information

If you have any questions, simply call us on 0808 109 2071 or if you are an Ongoing Advice Service client, you can speak to your Personal Wealth Adviser who will be able to help.