Fraud prevention

Common types of fraud and tips to keep you safe online

It is important to spot fraud and take steps to help protect yourself from becoming a victim. These are just some of the types of fraud you could be a victim of and some tips on how you could prevent being caught out.

Investment scams

It is important to understand how to spot an investment scam. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Have you been contacted, without warning, by phone, email or social media about an investment opportunity?

  • Have you seen ads within your social media feeds offering unbelievable high returns on investment?

  • If you’ve spoken to someone, have you felt pressurised into making a decision with no time to consider the investment?

  • Have you been offered a high return on your investment with apparently little or no risk?

  • Have you been told that the investment opportunity is exclusive to a small group, for which you are one?

If the answer to any of these is yes then you may have been a victim of an investment scam.

To support the scam, fraudsters may set up cloned websites or automatically redirect you to the legitimate website.

They may also send you a prospectus with Schroders Personal Wealth branding and our office address to add a layer of credibility to their scams. To build your trust you may receive an initial payment to convince you to invest larger sums of money.

Fraud prevention links and resources

All of the external sites listed below are here to help you. However, we accept no responsibility or liability for the content, accuracy or availability of any external site you may encounter.

Action Fraud

Bank Safe Online

Financial Conduct Authority

Metropolitan Police Service

Fraud Advisory Panel

Mailing Preference Service

CIFAS Protective Registration

Get Safe Online

Identity Theft

Fraud alerts

Unfortunately scams and attempted frauds through social media, phone calls and emails claiming to be from a Schroders Personal Wealth representative do sometimes occur. You may be contacted by people claiming to be from Schroders Personal Wealth who will try to persuade you to invest with them.

Contact us

Get in touch with us right away if you are suspicious of any communication you may have received or if you suspect that you may have been a victim of fraud using the Schroders Personal Wealth brand.

You can contact our Fraud and Financial Crime Prevention team via:

Telephone: 0800 640 4161


If you suspect you have been a victim of fraud, we advise you to report it immediately to your bank who may be able to assist you in stopping or recovering funds. You can report fraud and cyber crime if you live in the UK to Action Fraud.

When you contact Schroders Personal Wealth, we will investigate your suspicions and where possible take necessary steps to prevent others falling victim to the same scam.

Please note that any information sent via email is not secure and could be read by others.