We change lives

We advocate for change and want to improve the way great financial advice is offered. We aim to do this by making it more affordable, more accessible, and more powerful for more people.

We want to make a positive impact to people's lives.

We want to change lives for the better.

Mark Duckworth

Chief Executive Officer

"At Schroders Personal Wealth we help people make plans which aim to get them to where they want to be in their lives. That's a great responsibility and it clearly points us towards a really important purpose.

In three words, we change lives."

Helping clients to retire early

Having the financial independence to retire early may be the dream for many, but in reality it can be a daunting and confusing time. When should you retire? Have you saved enough to live comfortably in retirement? And will your pension pot last your lifetime if you retire too early? These are all questions that your financial adviser could help you answer.

Michael Cox, a Personal Wealth Adviser in Bristol, explains how the advice he gave his clients allowed them to retire much earlier than they thought possible.

Resolving a retirement gap

How much is enough for your retirement? This is a common question as deciding how much to set aside for your retirement is important. The world has moved on from the days when you finished work with a gold watch and a reliable final salary pension that went up in line with inflation and lasted as long as you did.

Ornella Bille, a Personal Wealth Adviser in Birmingham, explains how she helped her clients with the shortfall in their pension pot so that they could enjoy the retirement they had planned.

A trust for the grandchildren

Being a grandparent can be one of life’s most rewarding roles and it can be natural to want to support your grandchildren in any way you can. With mounting education costs, house prices, furloughs and now redundancies, helping your grandchildren financially could be high on your agenda.

John Winterbottom, a Personal Wealth Adviser in Manchester, explains how he advised two of his clients to create a trust to provide must needed funds for their grandchildren whilst reducing their own inheritance tax liability.

Preparing for the unexpected

It's impossible to know what is around the corner, but there are plans that you can put in place to be as prepared as possible for the unexpected.

Matt Jones, a Personal Wealth Adviser in Cardiff, tells us how taking time to understand his client's situation and needs allowed him to provide financial advice which provided huge relief.

Our standards

We want a culture that is right for our colleagues, one that they feel proud of, motivated by and one that they feel they have helped to create.

We asked our colleagues to define the words that would articulate a culture they wanted to be part of and have listened to their feedback. From this, we have created a set of behaviours that resonate across the organisation and articulate the way we expect ourselves and each other to behave.

This video demonstrates our standards, brought to you by those who know them best….our colleagues.

We put our clients first

We consistently ensure that every action we take benefits our clients; putting them first to provide the best possible experience. We challenge ourselves to think differently and are always seeking to improve by finding new ways to help our clients.

We are responsible

We each take accountability to get it right. Every single day. We are crystal clear on our responsibilities as individuals and as a team and work together to provide full and complete confidence in our delivery for the benefit of our clients.

We collaborate

We work together to help our clients and colleagues achieve their goals. We seek out opportunities to assist our colleagues and share our knowledge. We are open to accepting advice and support from others to benefit our shared goals.

We change

We seek new ways to grow and develop our personal capabilities and know we will be supported. We consistently adapt and find new ways of working brilliantly together, being open to new ideas and welcoming challenge.

Together we can build a better tomorrow

Our world is constantly evolving and facing environmental, societal and political challenges. Tackling these issues isn’t something that one individual, one company or one industry can do alone. We all need to play our part and recognise that together we have the ability to create a more sustainable and prosperous society, now and for future generations.

We believe our clients’ investment choices have the power to shape a fairer society and a cleaner world, meaning their legacy can be measured in more than just wealth.

Our commitment to clients

We help our clients to fulfil their dreams; confident they have a financial plan for tomorrow so that they can live for today.

We are personal

We listen to what you have to say so your voice is at the core of our business. We act on what we hear to enhance and improve our service to you.

We are inclusive

We're committed to offering affordable and accessible advice to more people, helping to create a society where everyone sees the value of a great financial plan.

We are trusted

When it comes to your money, we take our responsibility very seriously. Our experts look after your investment with knowledge, care and understanding to help ensure your financial plan is stays on track.

What people say about us

You can read all our customer reviews here.

About giving blood

Over 25% of us will need blood at least once in our lifetime, requiring a staggering 1.45 million units of blood a year to meet the needs of patients in England. Almost one million new blood donors are needed over the next five years to meet this demand and to save and improve lives.

Some blood types are needed more than others to treat illnesses such as sickle cell, the fastest growing genetic blood disorder in the UK. Do you want to get involved and learn about your blood type?

Source: www.blood.co.uk

Make a difference

With each donation potentially saving or improving three lives, you really can help to change lives. And some blood types are in higher demand than others. For example, around 8% of people have O negative blood, but this type makes up 13% of requests from hospitals.

This is why Joanne Stanley-Jones, Personal Wealth Adviser, chooses to donate regularly. Find out a bit more about her experience of giving blood and if you too could make a difference.

Source: www.blood.co.uk