Everything you need, at your fingertips

Your adviser will support you through your registration with the Wealth Portal. If you’ve had any difficulties getting started, your local support team is there to help you.

It’s worthwhile getting familiar with everything the Wealth Portal can do as it’s not simply online access to your investments, There is a whole range of useful support services designed to keep you in full control of your financial plan:

Always know your investment performance

The current valuations of your Schroders Personal Wealth investments is instantly available so you can keep up to date with how your investments are performing.

Keep in touch - easily

Find your adviser’s contact details and even message or email them directly from within the Wealth Portal.

See the full picture

You can add details of financial products held elsewhere so that you have a single clear view of your finances.

Keep your details safely up to date

You can check all your personal details and update them directly. This makes sure we always have your most up-to-date details.

Share important documents securely

You can safely and easily share important documents with your adviser by uploading them to the Wealth Portal.

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Making the most of SPW

We want you to get every benefit and feel fully supported by our relationship. If you haven’t had a financial adviser in the past, the following suggestions are here to get you started.

How do I?

The following section gives you answers to the 10 most frequently asked new client questions, and guides you to resources that offer further information.