Life is a series of decisions, big and small.

The decisions you make, particularly when they are about your money, could impact your lifestyle, as well as that of your family. Even making a small decision about money can often be stressful, which is why we believe it is important to have a trusted financial partner to support you.

Finances are a very personal issue, and this can make dealing with them emotional and seem complex. We want to take the stress out of financial planning, make it more accessible, and less complicated. Our belief is that having long-term financial expert by your side can help achieve this.

Our advisory model is different. Our advisers are salaried and do not work on commission, so they will only recommend products that are suitable for you. We believe this simplifies the proposition – our advisors are simply there to do what’s best for you.

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We are here to change the conversation, to change the way financial advice is perceived and offered, helping you and your family make the right choices in the moments that matter, aiming to change your life for the better.

Thank you for choosing SPW. We look forward to supporting you every step of the way.

Making the most of SPW

We want you to get every benefit and feel fully supported by our relationship. If you haven’t had a financial adviser in the past, the following suggestions are here to get you started.

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The following section gives you answers to the 10 most frequently asked new client questions, and guides you to resources that offer further information.

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Your adviser will support you through your registration with your Wealth Portal. If you’ve had any difficulties getting started, your local support team is there to help you.